RSIS Seminar by Ms Janet Lim, Visiting Senior Fellow, RSIS; and Former UN Assistant High Commissioner (Operations) for Refugees

The NTS Centre hosted a seminar titled “The Challenge of Solutions for Refugee Crises in the World Today” on Wednesday, 31st January 2018 delivered by Janet Lim, Visiting Senior Fellow with the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief programme and former UN Assistant High Commissioner (Operations) for Refugees. Janet Lim explored the challenge of solutions from the perspectives of prevention and when refugees crises have already occurred. This focus is borne out of the refugee crises arising out of conflicts in different parts of the world increasing not only in numbers, but also in complexities. Janet Lim observed that the traditional solutions from the past are increasingly being challenged and instead countries are resorting to unilateral measures such as building walls and closing borders, which have aggravated the humanitarian costs.