Inclusion in AI: Is There a Singapore Model?

Organisation: NTS, RSIS

Authors: Tamara Nair
Research Themes:
Gender and human security
Type: Policy Reports
27 March 2023


Executive Summary

We are increasingly living in a digital ecosystem, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) research plays a significant part in exploring the potential interface between digitalisation and human lives. Yet, inclusivity, especially women’s involvement, is still relatively insignificant in this arena. To ensure that AI can effectively serve and make sensitive decisions about the many aspects of people’s lives, it would be important that the development and governance of AI involved individuals who are representative of the society it aims to transform and serve. Furthermore, the lack of female involvement in this field creates feedback loops that cause gender bias in AI and machine learning systems. If AI systems are not developed by diverse teams, their ability to cater to society’s needs, align with the human rights, and protect the welfare of diverse users will be limited.