RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies Year In Review 2022

Organisation: NTS, RSIS

Research Themes:
Type: Annual Reviews
20 December 2022


This annual publication is the NTS Centre’s reflections on the events of the past year and contemplations on issues of non-traditional security in Southeast Asia and beyond. In 2022, the world was confronted with multiple crises. While countries started to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war caused humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and heightened the risk of global economic recession. In addition,  climate change increasingly posed an existential threat to mankind, with countries in different parts of the world experiencing extreme weather events of higher intensity and larger scale. The NTS Year In Review 2022 includes a series of insightful articles on the implications of COVID-19, the Russia-Ukraine war, and climate change from a non-traditional security perspective, highlighting possible mitigation measures and future actions. It comprises articles which discuss the intersections of different NTS issues in the region, such as food security, climate change, humanitarian emergency, nuclear energy and technology. These articles draw out some of the potential pathways for addressing the complex challenges in the region. We hope that you will find these articles useful in providing a comprehensive understanding of the kinds of risks and threats we face today. Finally, as always, we showcase our Centre’s activities for the year and the varied publications of our researchers in 2022.