The Moving Image: Addressing Violence, Reframing Peace

The WISCOMP roundtable “The Moving Image: Addressing Violence, Reframing Peace” sought to understand the new challenges presented by internet and social media as means of information and communication. It also explored how the moving image – documentaries, advertisements and short clips — can be harnessed to reduce violence in efforts to build peace.

The speakers addressed a myriad of questions ranging from How can the moving image which nearly every hand today can create, be used more mindfully – with greater responsibility and understanding of its potential to both create and destroy? To both heal and hurt. What lessons can be learnt from the work of those who use film to address gender based violence (GBV)? Can such strategies have resonance across cultural contexts or is patriarchy embedded differently in particular contexts? How are moving images being used: a) as catalysts for healing and reconciliation; b) to promote peace and social justice; c) to deepen inter- cultural understanding; and d) more critically reflect on events unfolding before us rather than as passive consumers? What new tools are available as fact checks, as counter narratives to cultures of violence and for awareness raising?

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