RSIS Seminar on “The Future of Food Security in Asia: Emerging Issues and Challenges”

Lecture Abstract:

By 2050, the task of feeding nine billion people will be made harder by the 20 per cent decline in arable land per person, and climate change impacts. This could impact food production considerably. These challenges are very real to Asia. Changing consumption patterns, competing land use and decreasing labour supply in the agriculture sector present further challenges to food production. The RSIS Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies examines the nature of these challenges to establishing food security in the region. Through innovative and vanguard research we examine the downscaled impacts on climate change on select food commodities in regions of interest, observe stockpiling behaviour in key food items and introduce new and cutting edge ways of examining food availability through dynamic systems modelling. The outcome of these studies allow for novel ways to examine the availability of food and ensure its availability to all.

Water Scarcity and Food Security: Challenges, Scenarios, and Policy Responses by Dr. Mark Rosegrant, Director, Environment and Production Technology Division, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). They key challenges for water and food security, as well as alternative scenarios that take into account production, demand, prices and levels of poverty and hunger will be discussed. Dr Rosegrant will conclude with the global policy recommendations for water and food security.