Palu, Sulawesi and Jakarta Fieldwork: 3 – 9  March 2019.

Palu, Sulawesi and Jakarta Fieldwork: 3 – 9  March 2019. The S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies’ Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Programme research team travelled to Jakarta and Palu to document experiences, reflections and insights of different actors involved in HADR efforts after the 2018 Central Sulawesi disasters. Dr Alistair Cook and Mr. Angelo Trias conducted interviews with representatives from the Government, international organizations, regional bodies, NGOs, local community partners and faith-based groups to understand the scope of the emergency response and challenges encountered. Data gathered from the fieldwork will help identify broad trends, policy recommendations, and key partnerships to develop to improve future humanitarian action in Indonesia and the wider Southeast Asian region. One of the key findings from our forthcoming report is the transforming role of the AHA Centre and its importance will play in the region. This changing role and responsibilities of the AHA Centre will impact the way disaster responses are approached in Southeast Asia.