Food Insecurity Beyond Borders: Untangling the Complex Impacts of Ukraine War on Global Food Security

Organisation: NTS, RSIS

Authors: Jose Ma. Luis P. Montesclaros, Margareth Sembiring
Research Themes:
Food security
Type: NTS Insight
16 August 2022



Conflict has historically influenced food insecurity within countries. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is of a different nature, as it is worsening food insecurity in other countries too, thereby undermining global food security. This NTS insight untangles the dynamics of conflict-induced food insecurity beyond borders amid the ongoing war. Today’s conflict poses an unprecedented challenge to global food security given its timing, with countries inheriting fiscal challenges from previous bouts with the COVID-19 pandemic; concurrent disruptions to food and energy supply chains; and worsening climate threats to agriculture. Should the war be protracted, the world risks further instability through cost-of-living crises and food price crises. World leaders should therefore carefully weigh these risks, as they deliberate their stances in putting an end to the war.