Access to Resources and Support for Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents during the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

Organisation: NTS, RSIS

Authors: Patrick Daly, Jamie McCaughey, Caroline Brassard, Reuben Ng, Laavanya Kathiravelu, Benjamin Horton
Research Themes:
Health security
Type: NTS Insight
11 August 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore posed a number of social and economic challenges for many households. The Singapore government provided unprecedented support to households and businesses to help them cope with the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 mitigation measures, including cash grants and provision of personal protective equipment. This NTS Insight presents data from a representative survey of Singaporean citizens and permanent residents on access to essential resources and provision of assistance during the Circuit Breaker period from May to July 2020. Our results show that some households lacked access to financial resources, as well as facilities for exercise and working from home. We found that a small, but notable, number of respondents reported lack of food, medical supplies, and other vital resources. Almost half of our respondents reported receiving some sort of support from the government, NGOs, and their personal and professional networks. While support provided by the Singapore government was generally evenly distributed, or distributed on the basis of need, a range of demographic factors shaped access to most other types and sources of non-governmental assistance during the Circuit Breaker period.