ISIS: Seminar and Launch of Book

The Sustainability Shift: Refashioning Malaysia’s Future


The threats of environmental degradation, climate change and imminent ecological collapse faced by humanity today demand an adequate response from individuals, industries and national governments. Yet, in most countries, national policies are still based on fragmentary thinking and unsound science. Malaysia, a resource-rich upper-middle income economy, is no different. As home to an important tropical rainforest with mega-diverse species richness, it will certainly make a difference globally if Malaysia can make a transition to sustainability.

Malaysia faces a spectrum of institutional challenges as it grapples with the future transition towards sustainability. Instead of looking at environmental problems through a compartmentalised perspective, it is essential to understand the common root causes of an overarching unsustainability. This book shows how, by reforming its institutional hardware, software and ‘heartware’, Malaysia can adopt a green economy agenda and nurture an inclusive, sustainable society.

A short seminar will also be held following the launching of the book, featuring a panel of young leaders to deliberate on the future they want.

Date: 29 November 2016
Venue : Le Meridien Putrajaya