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Multilateralism and Disaster Management in the Global South: A Case Study for the G20

by S. Nanthini and Sohini Bose
Published on 6 June 2023

Policy Reports

Disaster risk reduction is now part of the G20’s areas of cooperation. This provides India, the current G20 presidency, a unique opportunity to draw upon its experience to develop disaster management at the multilateral level and spearhead this initiative at its formative stage. Of significance are the challenges India has faced while developing regional disaster management within the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation, and the lessons that can be learnt to overcome these problems from a more functional multilateral organisation, much like the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. These experiences from a disaster-prone region in the Global South are an ideal case study for the G20. This policy brief aims uses this case study as a basis to generate recommendations for the G20 Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction to collaborate more effectively. Principally, it recommends the development of a mechanism for sharing best practices among the member countries.