Meet the Expert

Nghiem Tuan Hung

Acting Head
Organisation: IWEP, CASS



Mr Nghiem Tuan Hung is currently an Acting Head of Center for International Security and Strategy at Institute of World Economics and Politics. Mr Nghiem Tuan Hung holds the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Relations from Vietnam National University – Ha Noi, and he is going to finish his PhD dissertation. Additionally, he is a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of International Studies, Vietnam National University. As a senior research fellow, Mr Nghiem Tuan Hung has taken part in several key national research projects on conflicts, regional security architecture, defence and non-traditional security matters. He is also the member of Vietnam’s Network of International Relations Research. Mr Nghiem Tuan Hung’s research interests include dominant international relations theories as well as new theoretical approaches which can be used in security and strategic studies. The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction is the issue which he concerns the most. Meanwhile, he also concentrates on newly emerging aspect of security studies or non-traditional security issues including international migration and the responses of Vietnam to those new challenges.